Sustainable Efforts Uncovered

Tuesday, 19 July 2022

Green sea turtle swimming through ocean

We at Ambassador are on a mission to be amongst the most sustainable cruise lines in the business. By committing to this pledge from our inception, we are able to build the foundation of our brand around our values and have a keen focus on ensuring every facet of our business sits in line with our beliefs.

We wanted to take the opportunity to share with you, our customers and fellow ambassadors, the efforts that are being made to ensure that we can operate in the most ocean-friendly and globally-conscious way possible.  

Environmentally Sustainable Ships

When reviewing refit plans for our first lady of the sea, Ambience, we worked closely with ship management company BSM regarding Environmental Social Governance to ensure our upgrades would bring Ambience up to the highest emissions standards in the world (IMO Tier 3). Through reforms and modernisation, Ambience is now in the top 10-15% of environmentally sustainable ships worldwide. Her eco-criteria allows her access to some of Europe’s most untouched corners including the breathtaking Norwegian World Heritage Fjords.

One of the principle latest requirements for a cruise line is the mission to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by around 70%. We’re happy to report that, from her first sailing in April 2022, Ambience’s emissions have been reduced by 95%. So, how does this happen? The installation of systems that convert harmful gases into inert nitrogen and water vapour has had the biggest impact in reducing the emissions of nitrogen oxide.

It’s not just the production of nitrogen oxide emissions that have been reduced, since she’s been upgraded, we’ve seen an overall fuel reduction of 7%, 80% less sulphur oxide emissions, and an annual CO2 emission reduction of 5.358 tons – significantly relieving the impact we leave on our oceans.

What’s more, to comply with the forthcoming Regulations Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index regulations, we have implemented shaft power limitation in Ambience - restricting the power by 25%. Traditionally, Ambience operated at 18.5 knots, but these restrictions mean her average speed will now sit at 16.25.

On board, as well as advanced sewage installations, all our food pulpers have been replaced by ‘Bio Digesters’ to break down food waste into water and heat. We have also installed bottle washers onboard with our own bottling plant for both still & sparkling water – ensuring all our guests are feeling both responsible and hydrated.

It’s all of these things which put Ambience at the top of the field when it comes to eco-friendly cruise liners and allows us to cruise to more exclusive destinations with the peace of mind that we are not impacting their natural environment.

Charity Partnerships and the Ambassador Pledge

As well as protecting our oceans through the latest ship technology, we also want to support current initiatives and organisations that are doing such a stellar job already.

ORCA Ocean Conservationists have dedicated their lives to inspiring people to appreciate the diverse wildlife found in our oceans, which is why we chose to partner with them to bring insight to the work we do and support them in their work.

A part of this support takes the form of an open invitation for two conservationists to work on board Ambience for over 200 days in 2022 and 2023. Alongside offering educational talks to the guests on board about the work ORCA do, during their time on the ship our partners are able to collect important scientific data in key areas without having to organise and fund private sailings and investigations.

As well as supporting ORCA’s conservationists, we’ve also worked with the charity to form The Ambassador X ORCA Pledge, the first-ever cruise ‘anti-whaling’ campaign. From lobbying governments to end whale and dolphin hunts and commercial whaling to educating our guests on how to avoid tourism that supports whaling and much more, this pledge is something we are entirely committed to and passionate about.

Together, ORCA and Ambassador will deliver unforgettable wildlife experiences and spread the awareness and appreciation of our beautiful and diverse ocean inhabitants.

Read more about our charity partnership with ORCA here.

Promoting Paperless

Today we are seeing more and more businesses turn paperless to limit wastage and maximise digital innovation. Ambassador Cruise Line is no exception. Here’s what can be expected on board and throughout your Ambassador journey.

We are currently developing our onboard Ambassador app. This will allow guests to:

  • View their onboard account
  • Read the daily programme
  • Book Destination Experiences
  • View restaurant and bar menus
  • Purchase Wi-Fi packages
  • View our Ship Tracker
  • Provide feedback on onboard services

Across Ambience, we have installed 45 new digitally interactive screens; 22 of these will allow guests to view itinerary information, the entertainment timetable, dining and bar menus and the ship tracker with ease. The other screens will feature promotions and entertainment information at a quick glance for those onboard.

To help guests navigate their way around the ship paper-map free, we have our Cabin Finder. Simply enter your cabin number into one of the 22 guest-friendly screens and see the route from that exact location to your cabin on our deck plan – simple!

But, the paperless trail doesn’t just start when you step onboard. By making our check-in process digital with My Ambassador Sailing, we reduce the need for physical tickets and are able to speed up the boarding process meaning you spend less time waiting around and more time enjoying your trip and the facilities our ships have to offer.

Ethical and sustainable cruising is one of the core pillars that Ambassador stands upon and something that’s been crafted in the foundations of our brand and our legacy. Our passion to protect our oceans and the amazing destinations we sail to can be seen in every level of your experience with us, from the upgrades made to our ships to stand above the crowd to the small touches like digital screens reducing the need for paper onboard.

Let’s be part of the revolution together and make cruising a more sustainable and efficient industry.