Please carefully read our FAQ section, which provides answers to our most frequently asked questions. Should there be some additional information that you require, or you have questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

General Ship FAQ’s

What type of plug sockets are used on board? 

Cabins are fitted with UK 3 pin socket with some allowing for USB charging.

Do you offer any drinks packages?

To enable guests to budget for any extra costs, we are offering a selection of Ambassador Drinks Packages that include service charges, gratuities, and other additions. Savings are available on these packages when booked and paid for before your cruise. For example, the Ambassador Explorer package for cruises between 5 and 29 nights can be pre-booked for £29.95pp per night (£34.95pp per night on board).

What is the dress code on board?

As general guidance, the number of formal nights onboard is as follows: During the day, we suggest that you wear casual clothing for your comfort. For the evenings on board, every day the Daily Programme suggests, as a guide, a mode of dress for that particular evening’s events.  
There are generally two ‘formal’ or gala nights planned every 7-12 nights when many gentlemen wear dinner jackets, although a lounge suite is quite acceptable. Ladies on these occasions have a chance to dress up and often opt for evening or cocktail dresses. Please note that jeans, T-Shirts and open neck shirts are not permitted in the main restaurant on Formal or Gala evenings. 
On evenings proposed as ‘smart’, a suit or smart jacket and trousers, with or without a tie, for the men is suggested and the ladies have further opportunities to look elegant in cocktail dresses or trouser suits.  
A ‘casual’ recommendation often covers evenings spent in port or when a special event such as a deck party is scheduled.  In these cases, the choice of dress is left entirely to you. 

Duration of Sailing Formal Nights
2-5 Nights 1
6-20 Nights 2
21-41 Nights 3
Over 42 Nights 5

What are the average drink prices onboard?

Our beverage prices are very competitive with a typical Gin & Tonic (Tanqueray) costing around £4.65, a large beer £3.80, a cappuccino £1.90, Coca-Cola £2.05 and our cocktails costing approximately £4.65. 

Can each guest register their own credit/debit card if they wish to?

Of course, this can be done during check-in, or by visiting Reception once onboard.

What is the onboard payment process?

All prices onboard our ships are quoted in sterling. A cashless system is in operation for all your onboard purchases. An account is opened for you at the start of your cruise for purchasing goods and services on board. All purchases are charged to your shipboard account and a final invoice is presented at the end of the cruise itemising all charges. This can be settled by MasterCard or Visa credit cards, or by Visa debit cards.  Guests who prefer to pay by cash may top-up their cruise card by visiting reception.

Guests wishing to charge onboard expenditure to their credit card must register their chosen card during the embarkation process. Your card will be pre-authorized for £1.  This pre-authorization will appear on your bank statement as a pending transaction until the end of your cruise.

During your cruise we will top-up your pre-authorised or pending amount in line with your account activity. You can check your account balance at any time using the ALL ABOARD APP, or at the self-service kiosks located around the ship.  Your account will be closed at 0300 hrs on the day of disembarkation, at which point your onboard balance will be settled automatically and any remaining pre-authorised amount will be cancelled within 24 hours. Please note any purchases made after this point must be cash only.

Is there a laundrette on board?

Yes, Ambience has a self-service laundrette that guests can use for a small charge.

What entertainment is there on board?

Evening highlights include production shows from our talented show team of professional entertainers and live acts. Music and dance feature prominently as well as quizzes, various games, activities, and our very detailed guest speaker programme. Full details will be confirmed in the Daily Programme.

Do you have ballroom dancing and dance hosts? 

Ballroom dancing and dance hosts may only be available on selected sailings but are not available on every sailing. Full details will be confirmed in the Daily Programme once on board. Themed Cruises are advised in our Cruise Collection brochure and on our website in the Onboard Experience section.

Can I purchase duty-free onboard?

The onboard shops are open daily when the ship is at sea, but local customs regulations do not permit the sale of duty-free goods whilst a ship is in port.

Will there be a weekly religious service onboard?

On Sundays at sea, we offer an interdenominational church service.

Can I reserve a sunbed on deck?

We kindly ask that sunbeds are not reserved in advance and are only utilised whilst you are actually using them.

Can I bring alcohol on board?

It is strictly prohibited to bring alcohol aboard at embarkation and any found will be confiscated and stored until the end of the cruise. Any alcohol purchases made ashore during the cruise should be handed to Security on re-joining the ship.  These will be returned upon disembarkation.

Can I bring my bicycle onboard?

Foldable bicycles are permitted but these must be stored in your cabin at all times and it is the guest's responsibility to take them on/off the ship in all ports.

Are the swimming pools heated?

Our pools are not heated and are filled with seawater which is chlorinated and treated. Please note that due to local customs regulations, the pools may not be filled during port days and for health and safety reasons are emptied each evening.

Are pool towels provided?

In all cabins, there are beach towels for your use around the pools and open decks. If you should take them ashore, please ensure you bring these back to the ship or you may be charged for a replacement.

Can infants use the pool on the multigenerational cruises?

Any child using the pools onboard must be supervised by a parent/guardian at all times. For public health reasons, children in nappies (including swim nappies) and children who are not toilet trained are not permitted in the public swimming pools and/or whirlpools onboard.

Is there room service onboard?

You will find a 24-hour room service menu in your cabin, offering a range of drinks and snacks, both hot and cold. Room service costs will be charged to your onboard account.

When will I be able to book Destination Experiences? 

An attractive programme of optional Destination Experiences is offered at the majority of our ports of call. The exact content, pricing and full details of the programme and how to pre-book will be communicated to you closer to your sailing departure. Availability permitting, you will also be able to book once onboard with our Destination Experiences Team, who will be pleased to assist you in selecting the Experiences most suitable for your requirements.

Can I arrange any celebration packages whilst onboard?

Of course! Please visit the guest services team to view the wonderful Ambassador Moments that we offer. They are sure to help you celebrate in style. 

Can I scatter a loved one’s ashes during my cruise?

We may be able to offer this however, this is at the discretion of the local port authorities and we must follow their regulations.  We can make the necessary enquiries for you but it may take some time to seek approval. Please contact one of our Guest Services Team at [email protected] to discuss further.

Can my family contact me whilst I am onboard?

You may wish to inform your family, friends, or business associates that, whilst on board, you can be contacted via the ship’s satellite telephone system. Calls will be picked up in Reception and can then be transferred to the cabin. 

Is there internet access or wi-fi onboard?

Wi-fi packages will be available to purchase once on board, at the costs shown below:

Internet Package (up to 2 devices) Price
60 Minutes £9.99
1 Day Internet Package  £15
3 Day Internet Package £40
7 Day Internet Package £90
Whole Voyage Internet Package
(voyages over 7 nights)
£10 per day

Please note these packages are subject to change at any time. 

Will there be any children onboard?

All guests must be at least 18 years at the time of sailing, with the exception of our advertised multi-generational cruises.

Do you provide cots for infants on the multigenerational cruises?

Children under three may occupy a cot. These are permitted in all grades of cabin, providing the number of guests doesn’t exceed the maximum capacity. As we have a limited number of travel cots onboard, we kindly suggest that you bring your own.

Can I smoke on board the ship?

Guests are requested to smoke only in the designated smoking areas on open decks. E-Cigarettes or similar are permitted only in the designated smoking areas.

Do you have a professional photo and video service on board?

All your unforgettable experiences onshore and onboard will be photographed, as well as sound and image recordings captured by our professional team of photographers. The images will be presented on board and will be available for guests to purchase.

The sound and image recordings may be broadcast on the ship's TV channel during the cruise and also used to produce the travel film, which guests of the respective voyage will be able to purchase.

If you do not want to be photographed or filmed, please inform the photographer present. Images presented in the digital photo gallery can also be removed from the display instantly at your request, please alert a member of the photo team to do this.

How do I find my images?

The photos available to purchase can be found at the onboard digital photo display. To simplify the selection and in line with Ambassador’s substantial values, we have an automatic biometric photo matching process, through facial recognition. This reduces the need to print and waste paper however, this process is optional and it is possible to make purchases without using this process.

How long do you keep the photo after my cruise is finished?

All photographs will be stored for 60 days, after the end of the cruise. This is to fulfil any warranty claims and/or post-cruise sales.

What currency is used on board?

The currency on board is Pounds Sterling (£ - GBP).

Do we have to pay for gratuities?

For your greater convenience, we operate an automatic service charge and gratuity system whereby an amount of £6.00 per person per night (this amount reduces to £5.00 per person per night for cruises of 16 nights or more) is automatically added to your onboard account.

All service charges and gratuities are collated, so a portion goes to each crew member, who helps to make your cruise special. This is not only distributed to your cabin steward and your waiter or bar attendant but also between the hidden stars behind the scenes, such as laundry operatives and kitchen staff, who you might never get to meet in person.

If you notice an issue that makes you think twice about our service charge, be sure to speak with one of our Guest Services Team who will try to resolve the matter before a charge adjustment becomes necessary. Even if you had a negative experience with a particular employee, seriously consider whether it warrants removing your gratuities altogether, keeping in mind that because of one crew member the whole team is affected. Of course, if you want to also reward a crew member personally in addition for excellent service, feel free to do so!

If you purchase one of our Ambassador Drinks Packages, gratuities are also included. However, please note that the gratuity contribution cannot be removed from any of the packages.

Is there a hospital onboard?

The services of our qualified medical staff are available to you onboard in the event of ‘mal de mer’ or an emergency. It should be noted that the NHS does not cover treatment on the ship and there is a scale of charges for surgery visits and medical treatment.

Can I use a wheelchair onboard?

All guests who wish to use a mobility device onboard the vessel must occupy a Disabled cabin. We have 13 of these cabins onboard. In addition to this, we also welcome guests who wish to bring a lightweight wheelchair/scooter with them for shore use only however, these must be stored in your cabin at all times and cannot be used on board the vessel in any circumstance. If you or one of your travelling companions has a mobility limitation or require special assistance, please contact our office to discuss your requirements before you make your booking.

For further information, please refer to our Mobility Policy which can be found on our website

Onboard Dining

Will there be two dinner sittings?

There will be two dinner sittings and on days at sea, these sittings are normally timed to commence from 18.00hrs and 20.15hrs. These timings may vary during port days. Please state any preferences for a particular dinner sitting and/or table size at the time of booking.

Breakfasts and lunches are generally served in the restaurants on an open seating basis.

Are there any speciality restaurants onboard?

Yes, there are two speciality restaurants onboard. Saffron is our Indian & Asian inspired restaurant and will be charged from £14.95pp. Sea and Grass is our fine dining experience and will be charged from £24.95pp (with the opinion of an additional £5pp for wine pairing).

Do you cater for my dietary request?

We can offer the following dietary options: Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free, Low Cholesterol, Low Fat, Low Salt, Vegan and  Vegetarian meals. Pre-packed Kosher and Halal meals are available but only if requested at least eight weeks before sailing.

We are travelling with friends/family and would like to sit with them at dinner. Can we do this?

We will try our best to accommodate this request, however, please inform us of this at the time of booking, or as soon as possible. Please note that any dining seating requests cannot be guaranteed unless you have booked an Ambassador Fare.

Cabin FAQ’s

Are there tea and coffee facilities in the cabins? 

Yes, all cabins have tea and coffee making facilities. For health and safety reasons, guests are not permitted to take their own kettle on board. Complimentary tea and coffee are provided from various stations 24 hours a day.

Do the cabins have safety deposit boxes?

Safety deposit boxes for your valuable items, jewellery, money, and documents are available in each cabin on board.

Can I control the temperature in my cabin?

There is an air conditioning panel in each cabin that allows you to control the temperature, ranging approximately between 19 and 27 degrees.

Is there a fridge in my cabin and if not, where can I store my medication?

All cabins and suites onboard Ambience have a small fridge; however, we do have storage facilities for medication at Reception should they be needed. Please ensure you bring enough prescription medication for the duration of your cruise, as some prescription drugs may not be available on board.

Are there towels in the cabin?

Yes, towels are provided and changed daily, however, if you want to help the environment, speak to your cabin steward and have these changed as and when needed.

Can I take an iron to use in my cabin?

No, for safety reasons we cannot allow guests to use an iron in their cabin, however, we do have ironing facilities for guests to use free of charge or you can ask your cabin steward to arrange to have your garments ironed for a small charge.

Will any complimentary cabin upgrades be available?

At times, there may be complimentary upgrades available however in order to be considered, you will need to select the ‘Complimentary Upgrade’ option at the time of booking. If your cabin is upgraded, your new cabin number will be confirmed once online check in opens, 72 hours prior to sailing.

Destination FAQs

Is there a shuttle bus service provided in each port of call?

In ports of call where it is not permitted for guests to walk inside the port, a complimentary shuttle service will be provided to either the port gates or the local town. In some ports of call, if local regulations allow, an optional shuttle service may be provided and a cover charge for this will apply. Please note that not all ports of call require a shuttle service owing to their proximity to the local town/city.  Further information on shuttle services will be available once you are onboard.

Pre & Post Cruise FAQ’s

Cruise Documentation - Will my documentation be sent by email or by post?

As a sustainable cruise line, all cruise information and documentation will be available online only, through our ‘My Ambassador Sailing’ page on the website. You will need an email address to access My Ambassador Sailing and once logged in, you will be able to enter all your guest information, view your allocated cabin and embarkation time, enter your vaccination dates, view our Terms and Conditions of Carriage, add Drinks Packages to your booking and pay your balance (if booked directly with us). Once within 72 hours of sailing, you’ll also be able to check-in for your cruise, complete the Health Declaration, download your boarding pass, car park permit/coach voucher and luggage labels. 

Please note we do not offer any printed documentation.

Can I make a booking if I don’t have an email address?

As all our documentation will be accessible online only, you must have an email address in order to make a booking. Please call our Sales Team for further information.

Can I request to have my cruise documentation by post?

We do not offer any option of printed documentation. All cruise information and documentation will be available online only through our ‘My Ambassador Sailing’ facility. 

Do I need a passport to travel?

A passport is essential for all cruises, including mini-cruises and sailings around the British Isles and the Republic of Ireland, and all British Citizens must hold a full 10-year passport. For travel to an EU country (except Ireland), or Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino or Vatican City, you must meet the Schengen area rules. Your passport must meet 2 requirements. It must be: 1. less than 10 years old on the day you enter (check the ‘date of issue’) 2. valid for at least 3 months after the day you plan to leave (check the ‘expiry date’).  For travel outside of the EU your passport should be valid for 6 months after the date of your return.

If you do not hold a valid 10-year British passport, please note it can take up to twelve weeks to obtain a new one. If you or any member of your party is not a British citizen or holds a non-British passport, you must check passport and visa requirements with the Embassy or Consulate of the country(ies) to or through which you are intending to travel.

For our Onboard Festive Events, a passport is not compulsory however all guests must present photographic identification at embarkation.

How do I know if I need a visa for my cruise?

It is a guest’s own responsibility to ensure that they hold the correct documentation to visit the countries shown on their chosen itinerary. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office provides up to date information for all British travellers – visit Failure to have the correct documents prior to sailing will result in you being denied boarding. The Visa Travel Company is Ambassador Cruise Line’s preferred visa, testing and entry provider. They can offer help and advice on specific requirements for Ambassador Cruise Line’s cruising itineraries as well as independent travel. For more information please visit or alternatively you can call on 01270 904 907.

Do I need travel insurance?

It is a condition of booking that all guests hold fully comprehensive travel insurance that specifically covers cruise holidays, is valid for the entire duration of your chosen itinerary, provides full health coverage for all pre-existing conditions and the costs of medical repatriations, plus specific cover for Covid-19 related issues.  It should also include Personal Luggage insurance since there is limited liability for loss or damage. We are delighted to be working with Holiday Extras, who are able to provide our guests with exceptional value fully comprehensive cruise travel insurance cover, please visit to find out more.

Could the itinerary of my cruise change?

The cruise itineraries published are subject to amendment. Should major changes to the ports of call, other than timings, berth adjustments or the order in which they are visited become necessary, we shall try to notify you in advance.

At times, events out of our control such as adverse weather or sea conditions may result in a change of itinerary. Alternative arrangements will be made where possible.

One of the ports in my itinerary states ‘Technical Call'. What is this?

A technical call is a short duration visit to a port that is made for a specific purpose only. Such reasons for scheduling a technical call include the taking on of freshwater or fuel oil or embarking or disembarking participants of an organised destination experience that commences at one port and re-joins the vessel at another. Independent guests cannot go ashore during these brief technical calls.

I have booked two cruises back-to-back. Will I have to disembark and re-join again?

No, you will be able to remain on board for the duration of the turnaround. You can of course go ashore too and you won’t need to join the embarkation queue when you return. You will however need to visit Reception, to collect a new cruise card when the second cruise begins. 

What is my embarkation time?

Your embarkation time will be confirmed 21 days prior to sailing and can be viewed with ‘My Ambassador Sailing’. 

Can I disembark the ship during my cruise and join the ship again at a later port?

We will always assist Guests who need to disembark the ship in the event of an emergency on board or at home.  Disembarking the ship during a cruise and rejoining at a later port for other reasons can cause difficult immigration issues and is not encouraged.  If you need to leave the ship and then re-embark at a different port on the itinerary, please make sure that you notify us as soon as possible. Relevant authorities will need to be advised and their authorisation will be needed in advance. We will do our best to support you, but timings for non-emergency immigration authorisations may be beyond Ambassador’s control. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct documentation in place for the ports you wish to disembark/re-embark the ship. This includes but is not limited to; local testing requirements, passenger locator forms, travel insurance and applicable visas. Ambassador Cruise Line will not be held responsible for any associated costs that you may encounter, in the absence of the necessary documentation. Should we receive any charges from local authorities, these will be passed on to the guest.

If your absence relates to something urgent that was unforeseeable before the departure of the vessel, please inform the ships’ Reception team as soon as possible.

You should contact the Always Here Emergency Support Team on 01708 973 601, before you are due to travel to re-embark, to confirm the ship’s current location and estimated timings for the re-embarkation port of your choice.

Can I embark or disembark the ship at a port of call which is not the start/end of the voyage?

Embarking or disembarking at a port that is not considered the ships’ ‘home port’ may be possible, however, we will need to seek approval from the relevant authorities before confirming authorisation. Please inform us of any such requests as soon as possible. If approved, we will provide you with confirmation. You will be charged for the full published itinerary. Please note that all travel arrangements to/from the ship will be your responsibility and at your own cost. If for any reason the ship is unable to get into your chosen embark/debark port, then you will be fully responsible to make alternative arrangements to embark/debark the ship. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct documentation in place which includes but is not limited to; local testing requirements, passenger locator forms, travel insurance and applicable visas. Ambassador Cruise Line will not be held responsible for any associated costs that you may encounter, in the absence of the necessary documentation or for travel to/from the chosen ports. Should we receive any charges form local authorities, these will be passed on to the guest

You should contact the Always Here Emergency Support Team on 01708 973 601, before you are due to travel to embark, to confirm the ship’s current location and estimated timings for arrival at the re-embarkation port.

I booked a guaranteed cabin, what does this mean and when will I get my cabin number?

If you have booked one of the Cabin Guarantees that are available on certain cruises, we will allocate you a ‘guaranteed’ cabin at the fare quoted for your chosen grade of accommodation. Please note that you may ultimately be berthed in a higher grade of cabin for the same price, but in some circumstances, this may be located on a lower deck, or have an obstructed view. In most cases, the cabin number will be confirmed once online check in opens; however, we reserve the right to make changes up to the time of embarkation.

We may also offer entry level guaranteed cabins on certain cruises – simply offering a guaranteed inside or outside cabin as standard, perfect for those who don’t mind where their cabin will be on the ship. Again, these cabin numbers will not be confirmed until online check in opens, 72 hours prior to sailing.

Why do I have a different cabin number on my ticket to the one I originally booked?

It is most likely that you have received a complimentary cabin upgrade, however, please contact your booking agent or one of our Guest Services Team to confirm.

When will I get my tickets?

You will be able to log in to ‘My Ambassador Sailing’ to check in online and to download your boarding pass and final documentation once online check in opens, 72 hours prior to sailing.

Why is the address shown on my invoice different to my home address?

If you are booked with a Travel Agent, it is the Agent’s business address that will show on your invoice.

Can I get more luggage labels?

Yes, if you require more luggage labels you can download these from ‘My Ambassador Sailing’.

Will I have to sign a Health Questionnaire at check-in?

Once within 72 hours of sailing, online check in will open for your cruise and within this, you will be asked to complete the Health Declaration.  Providing you have completed this, you will not be asked to sign another declaration upon arrival at the port. 
However if you do not complete the online check in process, when you arrive at the terminal, you will be required to complete a Health Questionnaire. If you have suffered from any flu-like or viral symptoms such as a cough, fever, diarrhoea, vomiting etc within the 72 hours before sailing, you must immediately contact your GP and notify us providing details of the symptoms suffered. Based on the information you provide, if we reasonably feel that you are not fit to travel, we will not allow you to board.

Do I need to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 to cruise with you?

Our mandate will ensure the crew are fully vaccinated, and only fully vaccinated guests (two doses plus one booster) will be welcomed on board.
Please refer to our Covid Reassurance Policy for more information. 

Are there any luggage restrictions?

For all cruises departing and returning to the UK there is no luggage restriction. For safety reasons, each bag/suitcase must not exceed 23kg. Please note we have no luggage facilities, and all luggage must be stored in your cabin. Any bookings that include flights, luggage allowance will be confirmed once online check in opens, 72 hours prior to sailing.

If I join or disembark at an alternative port throughout the cruise, can I leave my luggage on board?

Your luggage cannot be left onboard either before you join, or after you disembark the ship. It must be kept with you at all times and remains your own responsibility. 

If my cruise is cancelled by the cruise line due to unforeseen circumstances and we had ongoing travel booked, will this be refunded?

Peace of mind is our priority here at Ambassador. We know how important it is to feel financially protected and to be able to book with confidence, and as an ABTA member (Y6765), we are part of the UK’s leading travel trade association, widely acknowledged as the mark of trust and reassurance associated with travel brands. In addition to being ABTA members, our guests are financially protected by a Financial Failure Insurance policy which is managed by TMU Management Limited and underwritten by Accelerant Insurance Europe SA who are regulated by the Financial Services and Markets Authority (3193).   We will continue to pay guests’ deposits and balance payments into an independently managed trust account.

Will you be showing any live sporting events onboard?

We have a standard range of television channels (including news & film) on board.  We do not normally show major sporting events on board as not all guests have the same level of interest and licensing restrictions for public venues can be restrictive.  We do offer a Wi-Fi internet connection for guests who want to keep up to date with special events.

What happens if I leave something valuable behind onboard?

Should you leave a valuable item onboard, please email [email protected] and we will liaise with the ship to try to locate and retrieve this for you.

For reasons of hygiene and storage capacity, we are unable to retrieve any items such as clothing, footwear, duty-free, beachwear, sunglasses, and personal items such as hairbrush/comb, toiletries, perfume, and costume jewellery. Any such items that are found will be taken ashore and given to local charities. If we can locate your item, then we will arrange for this to be returned to you. There will be a cost for postage & packaging to return your item/s.

Please note that any items returned to our office, will only be kept for four weeks after the return date of your cruise.

What happens If I forget to collect a suitcase or leave with one that isn’t mine?

If you return home and discover that you have not collected all your luggage following disembarkation, please contact one of our Guest Services Team on 0808 102 8031 or email [email protected]

Should you discover after returning home that you have mistakenly taken someone else’s luggage, please contact one of our Guest Services Team on 0808 102 8031 or email [email protected]

Please note: - It is the responsibility of the property owner to cover the cost of carriage. Should you have taken another guest’s luggage in error, you will also be responsible for the cost of carriage involved in returning it to the rightful owner.

Do you arrange car parking at the ports? 

We offer car parking at the Port of Tilbury with prices starting from £6.00 per car per night.

Please note car parking must be booked at the very latest 2 working days before sailing and is subject to availability. You will not be able to pay on arrival if you have not pre-booked and will be refused entry to the car park.

If I unexpectedly leave my cruise earlier than planned and my car is parked in the car park, how can I arrange the collection of my vehicle?

If during office hours (09.00hrs to 17.30hrs Mon-Fri, 09.00hrs to 17.00hrs Sat), please contact one of our Guest Services Team on 0808 102 8031 or [email protected]. If outside of these hours, please contact our Always Here: 24/7 Emergency support line on + 44 (0) 1708 973 601 or email [email protected] 

I wish to pass on feedback/make a complaint about my experience, how can I do this?

To pass on feedback or make a complaint regarding your experience in the first instance please send an email to: [email protected]. Please ensure you provide you full name, booking reference, contact number/email address and any other necessary details.