Introducing Ambassador’s Entertainment and Enrichment Programme: a host of opportunities to learn, laugh, listen, and surprise yourself as we sail alongside the world’s most inspiring sights. From calligraphy to cocktail making to salsa classes, there really is something for everybody!

Beyond those special moments to learn something new or show off a favourite pastime, we have a sensational tiered theatre that will whisk you away to lands near and far as you sit back and relax for an afternoon or evening of world-class storytelling at The Palladium.

Waiting in the wings are our onboard entertainment team, Ambassador Theatre Company. They have crafted an itinerary of performances hand-picked for our guests that feel as beautiful and diverse as the destinations you will visit in between shows.

Here’s a selection of what they have in store:

In the Spotlight

On cruises of six nights or more, learn more about a fascinating subject from one of our hand-picked guest speakers, who are not only passionate about their interest but want to share their experiences and knowledge with you. 

Cruise & Craft

On cruises of six nights or more why not while away the hours learning a new skill with one of our arts & craft specialists. They will demonstrate their talents and help you to find yours. These may include bead jewellery, painting, mosaic decoration, calligraphy and decorative card art. Materials will be supplied on board by the crafter for a small charge.

In Conversation With ...

On selected cruises, you will be able to join our light-hearted Programme of ‘In Conversation with …' programme where you are invited to listen to a celebrity speaker or performer talk about their life experience interspersed with questions from you, the audience.

Laughter Lounge

You are invited to the ‘Laughter Lounge’ the talents of our guest comedians. Laughter is the best medicine so enjoy the talents of our comedy acts with their dedicated evening shows and late-night shows.

Dance Dance Dance

Choreographed by none other than Strictly’s Anton Du Beke. Join the celebration as we take you on a world tour of the best of dance throughout the decades with guest virtual appearances from the star himself.

Enchanted Garden

A fantasy, dream-like musical experience set in a romantic gothic garden on a sweet midsummer night, complete with grand stone arches and sunken turrets. The theme of the show is love lost and love found, with a soundtrack that is a crossover of classical, musical theatre and pop, with bespoke musical arrangements and vocal harmonies.

Capture it!

Make sure you bring your camera (smartphone, iPad or tablet), as there will be plenty of special moments to capture. On selected cruises there will be a photographic expert to assist you in improving your skills and making the most of your camera.

Book Club

Why not join other like-minded literature lovers for our cruise book club on cruises of 6 nights or more. You will be able to discuss openly and informally your thoughts on views on some of the bestselling books. All books are chosen in advance, giving you the opportunity to purchase before to boarding.

Book 1: The Thursday Murder Club - Richard Osman
Cruises: A12206, A12207, A12208, A12209
Synopsis: A group of pensioners set about solving the mystery of the murder of a property developer in a retirement village in Kent.

Book 2: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah
Cruises: A12210, A12211, A12212, A12227, A12214
Synopsis: This story is about what it was like to be a woman during World War II, where woman's stories were all too often forgotten or overlooked. Vianne and Isabelle Mauriac are two sisters, separated by years and experience, by ideals and passion and circumstance, each embarking on her own dangerous path towards survival, love and freedom in war-torn France.

Book 3: The Mercies by Kiran Millwood Hargrave
Cruises: A12215, A12216, A12217, A12218
Synopsis: When the men of Vardo are all wiped out in a devastating storm, the surviving woman have no choice but to fend for themselves. But as the woman grow increasingly independent, suspicions and rivalries grow, coming to a dangerous head with the arrival of Scottish commissioner Absalom Cornet. The Mercies is based on the true story of a devastating storm that hit the Norwegian island of Vardo in 1617 and the subsequent witch trials of 1621.

Book 4: The Hiding Place by Jenny Quintana
Cruises: A12219, A12226
Synopsis: Marina was adopted as a baby after she was found wrapped in a blue shawl in a shared house in London. The press nicknamed her Baby Blue, but the circumstances around her birth are still unknown. Marina longs to uncover the truth about her birth, so when a flat in the house where she was found comes up for rent, she seizes her chance. But what if it's not the house hiding secrets? What if someone knows what happened that day, and wants to make sure the truth never comes to light.

Book 5: The Midnight Library by Matt Haig
Cruises: A12301, A12302
Synopsis: This story focuses on Nora who appears to live a pretty uneventful life. However as midnight strikes on her last day on Earth she finds herself transported to a library where she can explore all the different paths she could have taken had she made other choices. Exploring the ripple effects that a single person can have on others.